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ZEDEKhost is a small web hosting provider for Aaron Vond Consulting. That is, I, Aaron Vond, am a disabled computer scientist who goes by the name "Zed Hanok" online and does some consulting off and on, usually for charity. (Call me Aaron or Zed, it doesn't matter; I often go by "Hey, you!")

A "web host" is the organization that rents server space for your web site.

A "domain registrar" is the company that manages your domain name. They make sure it is renewed and kept safe from theft. They are the location where you set two Domain Name Servers (DNS) to connect to your domain name. These DNS servers must belong to the web host. This is how you connect your domain name to your web hosting company.

The web hosting company, once it knows of a domain name in its DNS, needs you to go into your account and connect the domain name to your account, either as the primary domain name, or an addon domain.

Usually, you get a domain registrar service with your hosting company. ZEDEKhost can do that. But we recommend against it. Instead, it's safer (in case anything goes wrong someday) to have the two companies separate.

ZEDEKhost povides a subdomain to all customers accounts, in the form of "accountname.zedekhost.com". Any and all domain names are connected as addon domains, also available as subdomains or folders within that account. Not only is this the safer, recommended approach (see the site ezSEOnews.com or its associated book, Wordpress for Beginners 2021 by Dr. Andy Williams), but it allows you to run multiple websites on one hosting account (if allowed by your web host).

And, of course, this is allowed by ZEDEKhost! In fact, ZEDEKhost encourages you to have as many different websites on your hosting account as possible! And, each addon domain can have unlimited subdomains of its own, too! So, you could have a set of websites--at least one for each member of your household, each with its own domain name--and each would have one subdomain for blogging on that site's topic of choice (like, "blog.dynamicfoodie.net"), or a subdomain for a wiki (like, "recipe-wiki.dynamicfoodie.net"), or an online game subdomain, or an e-book, or whatever!

Just be careful not to install so many Wordpress plugins that you crash the server!

Note that we are happy to help any of our clients make a webpage, as well as helping with any other problems you may have setting up the site!

About Me



I, Aaron Vond (a.k.a., "Zed Hanok"), believe in helping everyone make the most of the Internet and, in general, be the best they want to be.

At least 10% of all profits go to charity. We particularly try to help sick children of St. Vincent's, as well as Doctors Without Borders and the American Red Cross.

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Drawing inpiration from Steam's site, as well as itch.

A video or carousel of images dominates the main area.

Articles and buttons to categories of games fill out the lower area.

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